Our surrandings:

Shanghai Wanrun International Hotel Supplies Mart is located in the center of Cao'an Shopping District, Shanghai Outer Ring Road, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Cao'an Road Interchange.The business district includes textile market, Fengzhuang Tea Town, Dongfang Auto Parts City and the wholesale market of vegetables and seafood, Caofeng Building Materials City, ect.  

shopping malls, 11,13,14 Line interspersed with the subway line. Cao'an Road Station is located in WANRUN new site (under construction), the new site adjacent to the Hongqiao plate, near Hongqiao hub, high-speed rail Hongqiao Station, Hongqiao Airport, convenient transportation, extending in all directions. Shanghai FTZ, Disneyland and Greater Hongqiao Business Circle will open up the convenient door for Wanrun to bring all businesses to the international market. The government's support and assistance have created the prosperity of Wanrun. After the transformation, Wanrun International will become the leader of various professional markets in Cao'an Commercial Circle.


Reasonable shopping malls layout:

"Shanghai WANRUN International Hotel Supplies Mart," the new site has a shopping mall area of over 68,000 square meters, with outdoor square activity area of 15,000 square meters. Block A, B, C three districts settled in the business have been completed. Block A consists of three floors of more than 20 professional wholesale trading area, the first floor includes: Dining kitchen utensils, small pieces of hotel supplies; second floor include: kitchen dining equipment supplies area, disposable supplies area, customer supporting electrical Area, furniture, hotel furniture area, cleaning supplies area; third floor: textile fabric cloth uniforms exhibition area, customer supporting electrical area, furniture, hotel furniture area. Block B includes ... Block C includes ...

More than 500 hotel supplies business professionals settled in WANRUN new site, including more than 1,000 well-known domestic brands and international brands, more than 100,000 kinds of merchandise, business scope covers the kitchen equipment, cooking machinery, ceramics, Chinese and Western dishes, glassware, room cloth Grass, bedding, disposable supplies, lobby supplies, cleaning supplies, hotel furniture ect. The merchants take advantage of WANRUN brand strength; the sales of products can meet the needs of major hotel business requirements. WANRUN also provides the merchants with office, catering, warehousing logistics, supermarkets and other facilities. WANRUN international operations team has been concerning about how to regulate the management of the market to different formats, different sizes of businesses so that we could build a one-stop trading platform. WANRUN international strives to create a large scale, variety, high grade one-stop hotel supplies mall.

Professional business climate:

Founded in 2004, Shanghai WANRUN International Hotel Supplies Mart is a specialized in hotel / catering company, specialized in wholesale and retail, research and design, e-commerce, and hotel / catering enterprises to provide systematic and convenient procurement services specialization hotel supplies mart. 


In March 2016, in order to accelerate the overall upgrading and transformation of enterprises, relocated to 1833-1901 Cao An Road, Jiading District, Shanghai. Our company intends to build the catering base, improve professional space design, hold industry exchange competition and professional training, provide financial support for logistics, international trade expansion, from a single wholesale purchase, To a wide range of solutions; from simple supply and demand docking, to integrate the industry melt, WANRUN strive to run from the traditional hotel supplies mart to upgrade a professional experiential O2O industry platform.

High-quality business services:

"Shanghai WANRUN International Hotel Supplies Mart" will change the status of decentralized operation of previous manufacturers, optimize the ecological chain, extend the industrial chain and enhance the value chain so as to explore the scale of the settled enterprises; at the same time, Hotel buyers provide a one-stop professional shopping service, thus reducing the hotel procurement links, saving procurement costs. Provide a good docking platform both to buyer and supplier; truly become a one-stop distribution center covering the upstream and downstream industry chain. Wanrun intends to join hands with many food and beverage associations and professionals to plan and launch the "Commercial Monthly" brand event.

Integrity of the brands protection:

2004-2017, with 13 years history and good reputation, "Shanghai WANRUN International Hotel Supplies Mart" has control the quality of the goods in market. We chose the creditable merchant to cooperate. We strictly follow the government’s policy for the quality and integrity of the merchants. WANRUN International will take stringent penalties in order to protect the interests of the majority of buyers, and further enhance the WANRUN International mart’s reputation and influence.

We offer a new shopping environment, a reasonable layout, a professional business climate, high-quality business services and integrity of the brand protection!